The Awa Baoulé Pillowcase


One of the most beautiful traditional African cloths translates itself into this beautiful decorative pillowcase that is sure to add a touch of chic in every way you decide to welcome and style it in your home.

The cloth is made using heritage hand-weaving techniques which have been passed down for generations.
Women prepare the raw fibre (usually cotton or silk) for weaving, spin the cotton into yarn using drop spindles, then either bleach or dye the yarn in preparation for the weaving process. Which is done solely by the men on a handloom.

Baoulé was traditionally worn during community gatherings, special events, traditional proceedings and festivities.

The cloth has now become a major source of income and revenue for the small communities where weavers continue to keep the skill alive.

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*Colour and pattern sequence of the physical item may slightly differ from what appears on the image.

*Please note: Pillowcase ships without inner.



Because our products are handwoven, handmade and hand dyed, there may be colour, stitch, and shape variations, which is what makes them unique and individual. These small variations and irregularities add to the charm, tactile look and feel to each item.

Each Baoulé varies from one order to another as all pattern sequences are special and unique to how it's cut to make the finished product.

The cloth may experience slight fading over time due to it being hand dyed using a natural dying process. We therefore recommend dry cleaning your item only or blot cleaning with a damp cloth in order to preserve the colours, pattern and combat fading. 


Made to Order

Each item is made to order subject to demand. 
Please allow for up to 5 - 10 working days for production and delivery time.
*Any unforeseen delays in delivery will be communicated to you prior.

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