"I founded VALOYI as an homage to traditional African craftsmanship. I want to do my part in the redefining of the African narrative, my part in raising our heritage crafts and culture to a place of esteem, and (further) cementing its relevancy onto this world. Why? Because its history matters. Our history matters.
By giving traditional craftsmanship a new medium for their stories to be retold, new life is immediately breathed into them, bestowing upon them a deserving dignity and honour to live on forever. Our heritage belongs on the world stage, requires a seat at the table, and any false narrative of it's inferiority must no longer exist."  
Harmonie Mbunga - Founder

An ethically conscious affordable luxury accessories brand for the modern international woman and man, VALOYI brings refined contemporary design to the vibrant cultural cloths of Africa. Handmade in Cape Town, South Africa, the brand blends thoughtfully curated traditional textiles with modern handbags silhouettes to create one of a kind pieces. 


The African continent is steeped in history and bursting with culture, and within every culture and every tribe found in all the countries of this vast continent there is beauty, there is art and there is craftsmanship. But most of these creations are becoming lost and dying art forms.

The skills of making handmade traditional art forms go back centuries to the artisans who created them. They were usually passed down orally from mother to daughter, father to son. As time passes and life goes on, we find the young losing interest in these traditional skills, and with no one to pass it down to, no one to learn and pick up these skills, they die. 

Our mission at VALOYI is to do our part in keeping the century’s old heritage skills of The African Artisan alive, thereby creating a new path for their skills to still be passed on for generations to come, and for us to enjoy them as new modern heirlooms through refined contemporary design.

To start, we’ve launched with leather handbags: a limited addition capsule that consists of four styles – with different variations of these styles. The first collection celebrates and showcases the historical textiles of three African countries: Mali, The Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, and then West Africa as a region.

When you buy a VALOYI Bag, you are buying art, a new modern heirloom, a piece of The African Story, retold. You are supporting us on our mission for the celebration and the retelling of The African Story and its Maker through slow fashion and conscious consumption. 

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   VALOYI Emblem, Logo
Valoyi is named after an African tribe - found in Southern Africa - whose current Chief is a woman.
In 2002, after a struggle to her succession to the throne because she was a female first born, Hosi T.L.P N’wamitwa II won her case in court and became the first woman of the Vatsonga nation to become a ruler. A historic cultural event for our current times.
  VALOYI Emblem, Logo
VALOYI – for cloth and culture