v A L O Y I

For cloth & culture

By giving traditional craftsmanship a new medium for their stories to be retold, new life is immediately breathed into them, bestowing upon them a deserving dignity and honour to live on forever.

When you buy a VALOYI Bag, you are buying art, a new modern heirloom, a piece of The African Story, retold.

V A L O Y I, celebrating African cloth and culture through refined contemporary design.


All VALOYI purchases over the amount of R1100 comes with the coolest tote bag that can be worn as a shopper tote bag or a backpack.

1st Series: A light 100% cotton canvas, with flat rope straps, held up by leather strips made from our leather off-cuts.

2nd Series: The history and background to this blue light denim look fabric goes back to 2015 when I first bought an entire roll of it for the purpose of making apparel. That, unfortunately, never happened. It will now instead serve to have a new purpose as part of our dustbags.

Making use of any surplus materials and our leather off-cuts allows us to immediately reduce our wastage. Thereby ensuring that as little as possible ends up in landfills.